Quality Policy

Quality is the highest value upheld by the top management and it builds into the culture of Shing Hing. We link it with profitability, define it from the customer's point of view, view it as an aggressive competitive edge and integrate it into the strategic planning process. 

Quality is not only continuous improvement. To us, it means quality of work, quality of service, quality of information, quality of process, quality of division, quality of system, quality of company, quality of objectives and quality of people.


To define the Quality Assurance Policy and to ensure total customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and cost effectiveness.


All Shing Hing employees and its subsidiaries are included.


Design for quality in Shing Hing emphasizes product designs to match the process. Pa rameter limits established by the process are compared and adjusted with design limits. Hence, product design will always be guard banded against process capabilities.

Shing Hing builds quality so that the different contributing factors such as equipment, systems and controls, personnel, and environment are properly managed and utilized to work harmoniously in achieving and maintaining the required level of product quality and reliability.

Shing Hing tests quality and reliability so that customers are assured of the best quality indices and reliability warranties guaranteed to meet customer requirements

Shing Hing delivers quality so the customers receive products and services according to their expectations and contract requirements.

Shing Hing's philosophy towards quality has been consistently aimed at continuous product improvement and optimization of processes associated with the design, manufacture, test, and delivery of products that conform to all established requirements for total customer satisfaction.

t has been a Shing Hing tradition that the customer is the main driving force in a company-wide endeavor to achieve the highest quality possible through excellent management of its resources - personnel, equipment, materials, and environment. 

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