TQM/Lab Facilities
Our laboratory has state of the art, professional quality assurance equip- ment (and machines) to ensure that our materials and products are of the highest quality.
TQM Approach  
Total quality management (TQM) is a business methodology that involves all employees in the process of satisfying customers. To meet customer requirements, we establish zero defect and on-time delivery goals. It is committed to service excellence from initial customer contact, through development and design, into manufacturing, and includes sustained support after the sale. We are using TQM to drive customer satisfaction.
We are the leading fasteners supplier equipped with sophisticated in-house laboratory equipment, which offers quick and accurate failure analysis assuring high product quality.
2-D Video Mearsuring System Metallurgical Microscope Visible Spectrophotometer Constant Temperature Humidistat tester Autometic Optical Screw Inspector
Roughness Tester X-Ray Coating Tester Numerical Profile Projector Hardness Tester Tensile Tester
Salt-Spary Tester Virbation Bowl 2.5D Video Mesuring Instrument CMM Automatic Optical Screw Inspection Machine
CNC Eddy Current Sorting Machine Impact Test Machine IR Carbon & Sulfur Content Instrument Profile meter
Roundness Tester Automatic Optical Screw Inspection Machine 2
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TQM/Lab Facilities
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